Semalt: The Best Method To Exclude Fake Traffic From Google Analytics Data

Quality traffic is the goal of every webmaster or internet marketing campaign. It is crucial to ensure tracking of the traffic and referral spam to know which one of the visitors are real. For instance, sometimes, people from your company such as the staff may access your website for different purposes. In this case, they tend to create fake website traffic on Google Analytics, which may not convert to clients. In other cases, hackers can use IP address to create mass spam attacks which not only cause trouble but also steal valuable information such as credit card information.

The security of your website as well as that of its client depends on the quality of the anti-spam measures on your site. It is important to use cookies as well as IP address to monitor the traffic coming to your website. It is also important to automate some of the filters present in Google Analytics. Some of these measures can help you keep off some of the stubborn spam attacks as well as another persistent referral spam.

Max Bell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, provides some of the ways through which you can free yourself from the Google Analytics data:

Use static IP address

Some of the method through which our computers and devices access the internet uses dynamic platforms. As a result, the IP address tends to change which can make Google Analytics record irrelevant data. Using static IP can make a website get good adequate feedback regarding company internet service provider. You can be able to apply a filter of this IP address as well as other geographical filters which may be present in the Google Analytics admin. Devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers browsing from a mobile broadband router do not have static IP.

Employ the use of cookies

Cookies data are small amounts of data present in the user computer for enhancing the browsing experience. In some cases, cookies tend to be the factor which can give a server the authenticity of a client's IP address. Payment websites employ the use of cookies as a measure to curb internet fraud. Cookies can be a real factor to consider when setting up successful anti-spam measures. Remember, the security of your website depends on the effectiveness of your anti-spam measures. Cookies can also automate the process of special-page filtering. Cookies can provide the information about which pages of a website are receiving much traffic.

Use filters

It is essential to filter out the IP addresses which you may not want appearing as traffic. Luckily, Google Analytics can enable this feature. For instance, you can log in to your Google Analytics admin panel and find a referral spam filter. From this corner, it is possible to apply an own custom filter. This panel can also allow for one to include a custom filter which can enable you to set up a geographical location screen. IP address filtering helps improve the website stats by making the entire website traffic monitoring easy.